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Casper: 134 E. Midwest, Casper, WY

Gillette: 900 Camel Dr. Gillette, WY

Rawlins: 2100 E Cedar St. Rawlins, WY

Sheridan: 24 E Grinnell Plaza, Sheridan, WY

Cheyenne: 1637 Stillwater Ave, Cheyenne, WY

PH Glass Studios: 781 N Foster Rd, Casper, WY

Why Choose Us?

Join the Green Revolution with Platte Hemp Company in Casper, Wyoming! Our company offers alternative green solutions for people that choose to explore health remedies beyond common Rx’s or petroleum based products for diagnoses such as anxiety, depression, chronic pain and entire body aliments. The health benefits of CBD are well established. They have been proven to provide symptom relief for Rheumatoid arthritis, migraines, Depression, Anxiety, Heart Disease, Chronic Pain, MS, Epilepsy, Chronic Insomnia & nausea. High quality CBD is 100% natural an organically effective form of nourishment to our endocannabinoid system.

Platte Hemp Company offers a wide variety of premium USA grown and harvested Hemp CBD products including:

A& B strains of sativa, indica and hybrid hydroponic flower; this includes pre-rolls and wax dabs. Our CBD hemp ranges from 16.5% up to 93% pure Hemp CBD. All of our Hemp CBD is triple lab tested for the upmost quality, also abiding with accordance of Wyoming state law. Our goal is to offer the public a premium product, to help us all maintain a healthier and complete homeostasis in our bodies and creation.

Platte Hemp Company carries tinctures, balms, lotions & edibles. These products work internally with our digestion and metabolic system, and/or topically to ease specific pain areas that we all know we have! Our mission is to provide a healthy alternative to give the common American what they truly need.

Lets not forget our fur-babies! We carry Hemp CBD for pets. CBD is very beneficial for our animals; it helps reduce anxiety, treat seizures and epilepsy, relieves pain, help with appetite, nausea and helps fight cancer, as it does for humans.

Platte Hemp Company also carries a wide variety of Hemp CBD devices such as grinders, bubblers, water and hand devices, hookas; you name it, we will have it! We have started small like any family owned business, but believe in the bigger picture for everyone.

We are a family and veteran owned company. Mom, Dad, 3 kiddos and a dog that we adore. We are doing this because our family has benefited from these products and we want to extend every bit of it we can to people around us. Please check us out! 134 East Midwest Ave, Casper, WY 82601. 


The Hemp Shop in Casper, WY is located in the Midwest Building, right across from Bank of the West! We also have locations at: 900 Camel Dr. Gillette, Wy and 2100 E Cedar St. Rawlins, Wy


134 E Midwest, Casper WY 82601

MON-SAT 9am-9pm

SUN 9am-5pm

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